Are you looking for a career with pets? Here's what you need to know!

What is Expected

We are not expecting every person to come in with experience. We are looking for people who genuinely love pets-- not just the cute, fluffy ones, but the ones who are being mean because they are old, scared or have just had a bad hand in life. 

We are looking for people with an excellent work ethic. This is not the kind of job where you can just call in sick from time to time because you do not feel like going or want to take a "me" day. The pets, their parents and your team members are all depending on you. Let us know in advance that you have something planned or need a break and there are no worries. Disappoint our very deserving Embark's family members and our very hardworking Embark's team members and we can guarantee you that will only happen one time because there will be no opportunity to do it again.

We are looking for people with patient customer service skills. Sometimes our customers are grouchy-- two legged and four legged ones alike and we need someone with the tact, smooth diplomacy and patience of Job to slide through the day and all the little glitches with ease.

We are looking for people who are truly nice. We can teach you absolutely everything else, but we cannot teach you how to be nice.

We value people who are quick on their feet, quick to learn and can go with the flow even if it something different for the day. We must be nimble and sometimes we have to make adjustments to make the day work. We need a person who will not be frazzled with minor changes to the work day and work flow.

Does this sound like you? Please, apply! We are looking for full time or part time, day, evening weekends... all times are always available to serve our wonderful Packy & Lar's family.

Please fill out the application below:
Please note: Applying online is the only approved application mechanism at this time.

 In store, we are very busy, so please no walk ins or phone calls.

There are no paper applications in store. Why? We value applicants who can go with the flow and follow instructions just like we value the same characteristics in our employees. Plus, we are all green- paperless. Thank you for your online submission in advance.
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