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Same Company. Different Name. Learn about the Metamorphosis.
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The Member Vault
What is a Membership?

Membership, more formally, our VIP Program is a very affordable way to cover your family's grooming expenses for the entire year. For one flat fee, your pets up to the city's limit of three, are covered for all of their grooming needs including bathing, anal gland expression, blow outs, ear cleaning, nail trimming, haircuts, facials, deshedding, nail filing, ear hair extraction, sanitary trimming around the genitals to prevent buildup and irritation and cleaning buildup/debris away from the eyes. Due to pets having skin that does not produce as much natural oil as human skin; bathing should be limited to once per month (30 days) to prevent over drying and irritating the skin. Pet skin has a much different pH level, balance and lack of sweat glands that humans have, so that is really the only precautionary measure set in place for membership services. We also always use specially formulated pet conditioner to help mitigate issues with drying the skin through bathing as an aid as well.

Can I get a Membership?

Memberships are available beginning December 1st of the year and ending on or before January 15th of each year depending on availability. Availability is subject to demand and not guaranteed to last through December and January.

Can Membership cover pets other than dogs?
Membership for pets such as cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, birds and other domestic animals is case by case based on pet's grooming needs and temperament. We cannot sedate pets for grooming, this must be done at a veterinary office; so, before purchasing a membership, please contact staff to ensure Membership will be the right fit.

What else should I know?
Memberships are valid for pets only in your immediate household, residing at your primary address. Pets must have proof of current rabies vaccination for services. Appointments for services are required. Appointments can be made in store,online, via phone or text. When booking online, select "VIP Member Service" option. Memberships are nontransferable and nonrefundable. To ensure availability during peak times such as close to holidays or start of warm weather, it is advised to make your next appointment at the conclusion of your current appointment.
What's New?

Priority Service

Thanks to your puppy patronage and increased staffing, we are pleased to present our VIP Members with our "Three or Free Service Guarantee." Your grooming services will be completed in three hours from your appointment time or you will receive a free service credit on your account. Free service credits can be used as free services up to the price of your pet's grooming cost or can be credited towards a future package or membership cost at the end of your membership year.

Top Ruff-eral Client Receives a 2019 100% Free Membership!
Because of you, our members, we are great! We would like to show our appreciation by offering our top referrer a complimentary full service membership for the upcoming year. We will have our new Ruff-eral cards on the front desk of both locations for your friends and family members to give you credit.

Members Receive Free Quick Pics in April/May

Does your pet have a professional photo from our talented photographer a.k.a. Lil Purple Wonder, yet? If not or even if so, bring your pet in April or May for a free member photo to cherish for years to come and share on with friends and family on social media. Call/text to set up your quick pic! (402) 915-1009

Ruff-erals Give You Credit Towards Future Packages!

Starting April 1st, when you refer someone and they fill out one of our new front desk Ruff-eral cards, you will receive a $10 credit off of a punch card or membership of your choice! Your referred friends still receive $10 off on their second visit as well. Bonus!