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Click the online booking button BELOW when you are ready to book your appointment.

Here are a few helpful reminders when booking online:

1. All appointments available are not always listed online; to prevent double or overlapping booking, only certain appointments are available through the online system. In order to preserve appointments that will only fit small or large pets, there are some slots that will not appear here. So, if for some reason you are not finding everything you are looking for, please contact us via phone, text or Facebook so we can find something that will work for you and your pet.

2. Appointments are not confirmed until you receive a message stating your appointment is confirmed. If for some reason your appointment states "Declined" please check your email notification for further instructions.

3.You can cancel and change your appointment online using your booking notification page.

4. You can always click "CHANGE LOCATION" at the top of the booking page to toggle between available store locations.
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Two Locations:

Embark North
1401 N Cotner Blvd #202
66th and Holdrege Picadilly Square
(402) 325-9855

Embark South
4220 South 33rd St
off of 33rd & Pioneers Blvd
(402) 999-6760
North: (402) 325-9855
South: (402) 999-6760
​Please Note: All available booking times are not listed online due to changing availability for weekends/evenings and other peak times. If you are having trouble finding a time that works; please contact us for full availability listings.