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Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: The short answer is yes :-) Please call, text or Facebook message us to find the right time for you and your pet.

Q: Do you guys do cats?

A: Yes, although it can be case by case depending on your cat and his/her tolerance for grooming services.

Q: Do I need an appointment for just a nail trim?

A: Not really. If you come during our pick up or drop off times, we can easily get you in and out during the flow of the check in and out process. You may want to call or text to make sure we are there ahead of time to avoid any confusion or disappointments as we do flex our schedules to accommodate the customers... meaning we are often here very early and/or very late many days, but not all days. 

Q: Can I drop off earlier than my appointment time?

A: When you call or message to make your appointment, your service specialist will give you a range of times in which to drop off/pick up. If the time you are thinking is outside of the range discussed, then be sure to ask instead of assume to avoid any confusion or disappointment.

Q: How long do appointments take?

A: In order to make sure you allow enough time for the start to finish of your pet, be sure to take note of the pick up and drop off times your specialist mentions when making your appointment to ensure your schedule will work for the day you selected.

Q: What are the hours?

A: We do not have set hours to allow for the flexible scheduling of appointments that cater to each pet parents' needs. Some people prefer early mornings, some midday, some weekend, we do it all, we just need your communication to make it happen.

Q: What if I don't like my dog's haircut?

A: Let us know right away! The very best time to fix/change anything is the moment your pet comes through the salon door and we ask you, "is this going to be good for you?" We are always glad to modify anything that you are not completely happy with and there is never any hard feelings. Grooming is very subjective; what one person loves, another will hate and what is "short" to another person is "too long" for another. Communication is key and the bond between client, pet and groomer is a wonderful balance of talking to each other and getting it figured out together.

Q: What is a Packy and what is a Lar?

A: Packy and Lar are our dogs who we love dearly just like we will love your pet and every pet we come into contact with. Pets are our lives and we guarantee that we treat each pet with gentleness and respect. It is the Packy and Lar's way.

Two Locations:

Packy & Lar's North
1401 N Cotner Blvd #202
Lincoln, NE 68505
66th and Holdrege Picadilly Square
(402) 325-9855
Text: (402) 670-4666

Packy & Lar's South
9400 Breagan Rd
off of 91st and Hwy 2
(402) 219-9916
Text: (402) 999-6760
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