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How do I redeem items I buy online?

Using your online items is simple! When you purchase online, a notification is sent to our office which allows us to add them to your account. If you want a physical record of your purchased item, just present your receipt on paper or on your mobile device to receive a hard copy of your purchased item.

If there are multiple services included in my purchase, can I let me friend use them, too?


Can my purchased items be used at either or both locations?

Yes. Subject to availability, most services are transferable to either location.
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New Summer Fun Specials are Here! Take a look below to see what works for your pets.
Summer Sundays
Busy Schedule? Hot dog? Bring your pup in for a full grooming on a Sunday during our Summer Sunday special, only available for a limited time to help alleviate scheduling issues due to vacations, hectic work schedules and everything in between. All sizes, all breeds welcome.
$ 29.00

Glam Puppy
Variety is the spice of life! Treat your pup to some fancy little extras with this fun Glam Puppy Package. Can be standalone or added to full grooming. (Please note: Color adheres better to clean hair. Hair color is temporary and begins to fade within 7-10 days.) Choose one or all of the following: - Bow Tie or Updo Bow - Fancy Bandanna - Temporary Hair Color - Ear Feathers - Nail Polish (Clean Feet/Shaved Feet Only)
$ 9.95

Spruce Em Up
Just need the basics? This is a perfect package for pups that don't need trimming, they just need a good squeaky clean scrub with all of the maintenance areas taken care of. Spruce Em Ups include: - Bath with Salon Shampoo & Conditioner - Nail Trimming - Ear Cleaning - Brush Out - Anal Gland Expression - Teeth Brushing
$ 19.95

Puppy Picture Days
Capture your canine's best side with a quick pic that doubles as a benefit for rescue! You will receive both print and digital versions of your picture so you can share your huggable honey as well as have a keepsake for yourself.
$ 9.95

2 FUR 40
The ever popular 2 Fur 40 has returned! Limited quantity. Two complete, professional grooms, any two pups with concurrent appointments. Great for multiple dog households or share with a friend. Any two pups, all sizes all breeds. Age appropriate vaccinations required. Subject to availability.
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Click the button to purchase any of the specials listed
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