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How do I redeem items I buy online?

Using your online items is simple! When you purchase online, a notification is sent to our office which allows us to add them to your account. If you want a physical record of your purchased item, just present your receipt on paper or on your mobile device to receive a hard copy of your purchased item.

If there are multiple services included in my purchase, can I let me friend use them, too?


Can my purchased items be used at either or both locations?

Yes. Subject to availability, most services are transferable to either location.
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New Summer Fun Specials are Here! Take a look below to see what works for your pets.

2 FUR 40
The ever popular 2 Fur 40 has returned! Limited quantity. Two complete, professional grooms, any two pups with concurrent appointments. Great for multiple dog households or share with a friend. Any two pups, all sizes all breeds. Age appropriate vaccinations required. Subject to availability.
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Trying to get everyone's punch cards in for the year at the end of the year during the holidays sure did give our record keepers a blue Christmas last year. We are starting our 2020 Punch Card Pre-Sale a little earlier to make sure everyone is in the system and gets their cards in time to use for 2020. Any pup, any size any breed. Transferable, non-refundable. Full grooming for your pup with scheduled appointments at either location. Punch cards include 4 complete visits for $79.00 plus sales tax.
This will be our third running year of VIP Membership, an innovative membership program to keep your pet in tip top shape all year round!

Membership is a bundled discount program that allows the membership holder the ability to bring your pets (up to three in one household) in for complete grooming as well as a la carte services such as nail trims, ear cleanings, anal gland expressions, facials, etc. with no additional out of pocket costs for the entire calendar year. So, all in all that's up to once per month for 12 full grooming services for one low price.

In 2018, we piloted the membership program with 98 households which comprised just over 178 pups considering all of our multiple pet households. In 2019, we have a total family of 261 pups for membership. Over the course of the year so far, we have had a couple gals that relocated with spouse's jobs, a couple of health issues here and there and just general life. Life happens! So, for 2020 we have decided to initiate a 100 pup cap to make sure we are able to serve your furry family to the best of our small, but mighty crew's abilities. Most of you know, we grow groomers from scratch here so that we are all on the same page, take the same level of care and provide your pups with a consistent, family oriented, loving experience. We do not hire and hope for the best, we incubate skills and teach gentle, pet focused techniques from the beginning. That said, we really thank our existing members for your patience all year as we continue to train our newer family members and as we make sure all of the members get what they need. To limit your wait times, our 80 hour work weeks and 14 hour work days, we for the first time are going to initiate the 100 total pups cap for 2020 in order to serve you more expeditiously and efficiently.

To be as equitable as possible, we are still offering renewals and enrollments at the original knockdown, door buster price to reward those of you who have been patient, smiling and pleasant all year! $199 for one pup and $249 for up to three pups will still be the early bird special on 2020 Memberships. I don't foresee that there will be enrollment periods of a second and third tier as we did last year because I don't think we'll get past the first enrollment period before we are full. It will just be first come, first serve-- so I'm sure you Doodle people will knock down the door first. LOL But regardless, we love you all and even if you do not come in often enough to warrant a VIP Membership, we look forward to seeing you and your pups! Membership first tier will be from now until August 31 or until we reach 100 pups, whichever comes first.

Furry Regards,
Lar's mom

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Single Pup VIP 2020                    Multiple Pet VIP 2020
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