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How do I redeem items I buy online?

Using your online items is simple! When you purchase online, a notification is sent to our office which allows us to add them to your account. If you want a physical record of your purchased item, just present your receipt on paper or on your mobile device to receive a hard copy of your purchased item.

If there are multiple services included in my purchase, can I let me friend use them, too?


Can my purchased items be used at either or both locations?

Yes. Subject to availability, most services are transferable to either location.
Puppy Power Packs

A plethora of puppy prizes all wrapped into one adorable package. Here's what's inside:

- 3 Complete Grooming Sessions: any size, any breed, can be used by any pup the certificates are gifted to. Up to date rabies vaccinations required.
- 1 Puppy Facial: Great for cleaning up a messy or a covered with hair face in between full grooms
- 1 Color Treatment: A super fun way to celebrate a holiday or no occasion at all by rockin' some colorful ears, tail, mohawk- your choice!
- 1 Theme Pic: A pic of your pups with a seasonal or themed background to share with friends digitally and to keep framed at work or on your fridge
- 1 Paw-dicure: A pedi for your pooch including nail trimming, filing and polishing where applicable
- 1 Gourmet Specialty Treat: Reward your little one or a friend's furry family member with this delectable, dog safe snack.
- 1 Doggie Toy: A pup can never have too many toys!

$79.00 plus tax, gift all or part if you want to share with a friend. Services can be used by anyone who holds the certificate and has up to date vaccinations.

Yes! Delivery is available for all specialty gift items including Puppy Power Packs, Dozen Doggie Delicacies and Puppy Grams.

Dozen Doggie Delicacies $14.99
12 Gourmet Treat Bundle
Proceeds go to benefit rescue
Pick up or delivery

Puppy Grams $4.99
Send to your pup or send to a friend. Available for pick up or delivery. Include a special message if you like. Imagine your pup's face when opening a gourmet treat with "I Woof You" on the note! Or perhaps more realistically, imagine the surprise when your neighbor opens up a Puppy Gram with a note, "Thanks for being such a great neighbor"
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