Courtney joined us this past winter and she is truly the life of the party. Courtney embodies the spirit of putting herself fully into the task at hand with a smile. She is always in a good mood and has a relatable, quick witted sense of humor that puts her coworkers, the pups and customers at ease. She's one of our few groomers with the fearlessness and get it done attitude to work on our Kitty customers.
Courtney came to us from Cat Tails Zoological Park in Washington where she was studying to become a large cat zookeeper. In over ten years of owning small businesses, we never really hire people on the spot, with exception of Courtney. Sometimes you just know someone will be a great asset right away and Courtney have let us down on that expectation!
Courtney's specialty is Doodles... Not only does she make them look really cute, she can often get them all finished up pretty quickly considering the amount of "real estate" there is to cover on these big cuddly pups 😂
Courtney has a big goofy pit mix she rescued as a second chance, reFURbished pet 😂 and despite Kota wanting to be a party animal all the time, you can tell Courtney has put substantial work into his training. Courtney also has a gigantic snake 🐍 Deuce... Which the other ladies have to tolerate Courtney's passion for all kinds of exotics from afar 😄

Danielle aka Danni joined our team in late summer 2015 and hit the ground running. Danielle has been a natural almost since day one...she's a Jill of all trades and a master of all. Not only has she caught onto everything grooming wise very seamlessly, she has went above and beyond in helping take Packy & Lar's to the next level by performing things that just plain need to be done around here. Bandannas, gate construction, minor joke, this lady knows how to do it.
Any of you who have come in for photo days, may also recognize Danielle as our expert photographer. She takes awesome pics and prints and develops many of the canvases and other photo products in her home and is so kind to pass the cost savings on to the customers. If you haven't been in for a photo day (Saturdays 10am to 2pm drop in) you are in for a real treat. Not only are the photos of the pets super lovely, but Danielle has the super power of superhuman patience with the furry babies.
I was hard pressed to find any pics of Danielle by herself over these couple years...she's such a team player that she's seldom working alone to get a solo photo opp. As our Packy fam of co-workers has grown and grown, Danielle has always been helpful and welcoming to everyone.
Danielle has a big kitty, Monster, who is very dog like 😂
She also has a rescue dog, Heidi, who she adopted from the prison dog outreach program. Soon Heidi will have a new puppy friend as Danielle prepares to welcome a new Whippet family member to the bunch.
Thank you to our current customer, Sabine's mom, Deb for recommending Danielle to us. She's a great cornerstone to our family here.
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