Courtney joined us this past winter and she is truly the life of the party. Courtney embodies the spirit of putting herself fully into the task at hand with a smile. She is always in a good mood and has a relatable, quick witted sense of humor that puts her coworkers, the pups and customers at ease. She's one of our few groomers with the fearlessness and get it done attitude to work on our Kitty customers.
Courtney came to us from Cat Tails Zoological Park in Washington where she was studying to become a large cat zookeeper. In over ten years of owning small businesses, we never really hire people on the spot, with exception of Courtney. Sometimes you just know someone will be a great asset right away and Courtney have let us down on that expectation!
Courtney's specialty is Doodles... Not only does she make them look really cute, she can often get them all finished up pretty quickly considering the amount of "real estate" there is to cover on these big cuddly pups 😂
Courtney has a big goofy pit mix she rescued as a second chance, reFURbished pet 😂 and despite Kota wanting to be a party animal all the time, you can tell Courtney has put substantial work into his training. Courtney also has a gigantic snake 🐍 Deuce... Which the other ladies have to tolerate Courtney's passion for all kinds of exotics from afar 😄
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These ladies we have on our team are each so unique and honestly in my thirteen years in the industry, the best group of gals I've had the honor of working with. Each one of our ladies were hand picked because not only are they head over heels for animals, but they are also kind, genuine, conscientious, honest people. Those characteristics you cannot train, so when you meet a person of this type of moral fabric and character, you commit yourself to the mutual benefit of their knowledge and growth within the company.

So, it is with great pleasure that I introduce Whitney, who I often refer to as Dr. Scherer because she is an aspiring veterinarian. She will be am awesome vet and we will be proud to say we knew her when she was an exuberant student.

Whitney always volunteers to come early, stay late and go above and beyond whenever needed. She is always the first one to volunteer to man, or maybe we should say "woman" the front desk. If you have been in once, she knows who you are, who your dog is and what haircut you normally get without looking at the computer. She commits herself to knowing our customers and does her job with passion every day even in circumstances where almost anyone else would call in... we've seen Whitney at work when she has lost near and dear loved ones, when she had a cold, when her ear drum exploded and the list goes on. Why? Because she cares about our Packy and Lar's family- the customers, the team here, the pets.

In the picture here, Whitney had to carefully shave a pup that came in completely matted that had to be shaved from tip of the nose to tip of the tail due to neglect. The hair came off all in one piece after Whitney diligently and patiently shaved the pelt off the poor little guy. After a gentle talk with the pet owners, a couple months later, the previous owner surrendered the pet and Whitney responsibly found a top notch home for the little guy. 

All in all, Whitney has a heart of gold and is a wonderful young woman to work side by side with. She is mama to Finn, a little rescue guy from the amazing Little White Dog Rescue. He is the ultimate Velcro baby... stuck to his people in traditional Coton de Tulear style with tons of personality. He also happens to be in our profile pic this month as well as having his own haircut, aptly named "the Finn."

Say "howdy" to Whitney and Finn when you stop by.
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We've done it again!
Thanks, Lincoln! Two years in a row we are in the top ten percent.